Annual Giving

Annual Giving Levels and Benefits

Below you will find the 2021-22 donor benefit chart and the perks associated within each level. Donor levels are determined by your total annual fund gift to the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation. These contributions can be any combination of priority seating donations and philanthropic annual giving. Here are some examples of how a donor’s level is calculated:


John from Memphis


Terry from Chicago


Beth from Jackson

John from Memphis currently gives $600 towards football priority seating and $150 towards baseball priority seating. His total annual gift to the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation is $750 which would make him within the Starter Level.

Terry from Chicago currently donates $50 to the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation. This qualifies him as a Rebel level donor.

Beth from Jackson currently gives $100 towards basketball priority seating and $100 towards her football priority seating. She also gives $100 above and beyond her seating requirements to help Ole Miss Athletics. Her total gift is $300 which would qualify her for the Varsity level.