History of the Vaught Society

The Vaught Society was started in 2005 as an exclusive group of donors that had contributed over $350,000 in their lifetime to Ole Miss Athletics. These generous individuals have most certainly built the foundation that we are so proud to stand on today and we are eternally grateful for their support.

Since then, the Vaught Society has been restructured in an effort to be much more inclusive and allow for more donors to invest in the future of Ole Miss Athletics. Since its reintroduction to the public in December 2009, the Vaught Society has increased its membership from 27 to over 422 members and has generated philanthropic support for Ole Miss Athletics. Proceeds were initially directed toward a number of facility initiatives. Currently, all pledges to the Vaught Society are being directed towards capital projects supporting Ole Miss Athletics and student-athletes.

Coach John Vaught

Coach John Vaught is one of the most recognizable names in the history of college football due to the extraordinary level of success he enjoyed while at Ole Miss. During his tenure, the Rebels experienced heights never before seen in the history of the program. As such, the Vaught Society carries his namesake.





Vaught Society members provide leadership and tremendous philanthropic support that allows us to truly elevate the student-athlete experience at Ole Miss. We are thankful for all of our Vaught Society members, near and far, for their loyalty and generosity.

*We give thanks to those donors who have given to the Vaught Society in previous years!

Charter Members:

Dot Allen
Lucia and Louis Brandt
Steve Davenport
Cyd and Bobby Dunlap
Jan and Lawrence Farrington
Becki and Don Felts
Margot and Rick Fountain
Linda Gatlin
Jerry Hollingsworth
Linda and Eddie Hutton
Martha and Doug Jumper
Margaret Keeton
Rebecca and Shane Langston
Deuce McAllister
Susan and David McCormick
Lynne and Sam Millette
Tricia and Charley Myers
Johnny Palmer
Ruby Kathryn and Aubrey Patterson
Scarlotte and Crymes Pittman
Tom Rhoden Family
Diane and Dick Scruggs
Shorty Sneed
Laura and Mike Starnes
Martha and Bill Watt
Linda Windham
Nancy and Bill Yates

Charter Members in Memoriam:

Bert Allen
Eddie Gatlin
Nancy and Carl Herrin
Dorothy and Lee Lampton
Tom Windham


Natalie and Tommy Abernethy*
Ginny and Bobby Abraham*
Elisabeth and Thomas Adams*
Peggy and Jim Adams
Jonathan Adkins
Adventus Foundation
Jan and Olen Akers
Lynn and John Albriton
AllCare Pharmacy
Deborah and Sidney Allen*
Emily Ann Allen*
Margaret and Meredith Allen
Rosaland and Nash Allen
Deborah and Steven Ammann
Melissa and Ron Applewhite*
Mena and Vic Applewhite*
Argent Trust
Staci and Richard Arriola
Steven Asplundh Family
Lesley and Clark Atkinson*
Mary Beth and Matt Austin*
B & B Concrete Co. Inc.
Natalie and Bobby Bailess
Diane and Leon Bailey
Jackie P. Bailey
Julie and David Bailey
BBB Foundation
Susie and Lee Baker
Marsha and Haley Barbour
Margaret and John Barker*
Bryce Barlow
Carol Jo Barnes
Nancy and Ed Barnett
Nancy and Don Barrett
Leigh and Buddy Bass
Amy and Cliff Bates*
Jennifer and Andrew Baur*
Elizabeth and Mike Belenchia
Brooks Anne and Johnson Berry
Deborah and Robert Berry*
Rhonda and Todd Bertolet*
Camie and Mike Bianco*
Melissa and Gary Bielat*
Mark Billings*
Sonya and Ross Bjork*
Kathryn Brewer Black*
Sandra and John L. Black Jr.
Karen and David Blackburn
Connie and John Blair
Steven Blake
Gail and Malcolm Blane
Kimberly and Steve Boatwright
Bolen Family
Kimberly and Printz Bolin
Chris Bonner
Scottye and Pete Boone
Ashley and Michael Borne
David Boudreaux
Alisa and John Mark Bourne
Matt Bowers
Audra and Phillip Bowman
Nancy and Jeff Boyd
Michele Braddock-Beagle and Paul Mefferd
Pam and Keith Bradford
John Rodgers Brashier
Betty and Ward Brister*
Susan and Jimmy Brooks*
Kate and Tee Brown*
Noel and Chip Brown
Ingrid and Gwynne Brunt*
Larry Bryan*
John Bunten Jr.
JoAnn and Bob Burke
Selena and Ben Burns*
Sheryl and Roland Burns
Christina and Billy Busch*
Susie and Lampkin Butts
Kristi and Alan Byrd
C Spire*
Meredith and Kevin Camper
Cannon Motor Company
Tricia and Tim Cantrell
Nora and Ross Capwell
Lisa and Bryan Scott Caradine
Angela Carney
Lacy and Preston Carpenter*
Leigh Anne and James O. Carpenter
Amanda and Jimmy Carr
Jill and Keith Carter
Julie and Tim Carter
Rita and Benny Carter
Melody and Tony Cates
Diana and Robert Chandler
Elizabeth and Jake Chandler
Karen and Jimmy Chandler
Katie and Kyle Chandler IV
Susan and Kyle Chandler*
Chaney Family Dental
Jane Thomas Chapman*
Marketta and Gary Childers
Kim and Matthew Chow
Dinah and Harold Clark
Ginger and Charles Clark*
Larry Clark*
Donna and Neal Clement*
Nicole and Ken Cleveland
Kelley and Drew Clinton
Bradford Cobb
Steve Cockerham
Ann and Jimmy Cole
Katie and Douglas Coleman
Lou Collie
Gentry and Winston Collier
Beverly and Bo Collins
Leigh Ann and David Collins*
Melissa and Robert S. Collins III
Jeff Conley
Kara and Bill Cook
W. Robert Cook
Karen and Marc Corkern
Elizabeth and Bones Cossar*
Bill “Grezzer” Cossar
Carol and Mike Counce
T. J. Bell and John Covert
John W. Cowart
Alyana and Graham Cox
Amy and William Cox
Kitty Cox*
Ben and David Craddock Families
Cindy and Mark Crain
Cindy and Terry Crawford
Ygondine S. Creasy
Mark Crick*
Lynn and Steve Crider
Jane and John Cromeans*
Laura and Greg Cronin
Leah and Allen Crosswell*
Libby and Robb Crumpton
Gina and Chip Crunk
Martha and Mac Curlee
Pat and David Curtis
Beth and Val Cuthbert*
S. E. “Bo” Dalton
Elizabeth and Ben Daniel
Carol and William Darby*
Don Davis Family*
Mark Davis*
Shae and Clint Davis*
Susan and Justin Davis
Ray Dearman*
Dean Dedmon
Jessica and Jeffrey Dennis
Andrea and Jason Denson
Lora and Vance Derryberry
Patricia and Ralph Doering
S. Cordell Dombrowski
Nichole and Todd Doro
Dean Douglas
Anne Clark and Steve Downing
Courtney and Brad Downs*
Natalie and Brian Drennan
Cheryl and Mike Ducker


Justice and Jonathan Duhon
Alicia and Richard Dunlap
Clint and Travis Dunn
Janine and Ronnie Dunn*
Sonya and Ford Dye
Lea and Cal Easley
Lynn and Woods Eastland
Mike Edmonds
Lori and Dan Edney
Jennifer and Paul Edwards
Yvonne Edwards
Elliott IV LLC
Mac Elliot
David K. Ellis
Judy and Steve Ellis*
Vicki and Tim Ellis
Ernie LaBarge Bullpen Club*
Carol and Vick Etheridge
Celeste and Curtis Eustis
Sherri and Chuck Evans
Patti and Robert S. Fabris*
Anne and Dave Fair
The Farese Group
Davey Lee Farris Jr.
Norris Faust
FedEx Corporation
Tom Fishman
Cindy and John Fleming
Avery and Neil Forbes
Ben Foster
Susie Friou
Lee Anne and Bill Fry
Kathy and Roy Furrh
Sonja and Gene Gaddy
Julia and Tony Gaines
Mary Helen Gaines
Elizabeth and Will Galtney
Sam M. Gardiner*
BettyLou and Pat Garrigan
Mary Tana and Justin Garner*
Jeff Gatlin*
Susan and Win Gault*
Bill Geary
Bill Geissler
Craig Geno
Debbie and Larry Gentry
Web Gholson
Terry and Charles Gibson
Heidi and Kevin Gillen
Jim Gleason
Debbie and Ken Glenn
Donna and Mike Glenn
Globe Corporation
GO Orthodontics*
Ann and Chauncey Godwin
Hardy P. Graham Jr.
James Granberry
Roane and Robert Grantham
Charlie Beck and Fred Graves
John M. Green
Jennifer and Ron Greer
Kristen and Chad Greer
Laura and Walton Gresham
Louise and Tom Gresham
Kim and Lockwood Griffin
Susan and Lanny Griffith
Claire and Stephen Griner*
Cindy and Lloyd Grissinger
W.R. Gully*
Judy and Ed Gurney
Jane Irene Turner Guthrie
Dianne and Barney Guyton
Donna and Ken Halford
Wally Hall
Kerry Hamilton and Lucius Lamar*
Beverly and J.D. Hankins
Patsy and Harold Wayne Hankins
Rita and David Hankins
Sloane and Blake Hankins
Stacey Hannon*
Lezlee and Jim Hardin
Ramey and Brent Hardin
Shannon and Kelly Hardwick
Brian Daniel Hargis*
Kimberly and Doug Harkins
Ron Harper
Dan D. Harris Jr.
Holly and Kye Harris
Whitney and Russell Harris
Cathy and Joe Havens*
Alice Jean and Lee Hawkins
Ken Hayes
Elizabeth and Clay Hays
Janice and Lew Hazlewood
Chris and Cliff Heaton
Susie and Zach Hederman*
Family of James C. Hefley
Michael Heidelberg
Beth and Charlie Heinsz*
Bettye Hendrix
Debbie and Ron Hendrix
Jane and Robert Hendrix*
Babs and Chan Henry
Alison and John Henson
Patricia and James Herndon*
William E. Hester III Family
Pansy and Jim Higginbotham
Rebecca and Reese Hillard*
Pace Hindsley
Becky and Ron Hipp
Bryant Hirsberg
Alison and Jamie Holder*
Dean, Hollis and Tim Holleman
Natasha and Scott Hollis
Lisa and Huston Hollister
Diane and J.L. Holloway
Margaret and Ed Hooker*
Alben Norris Hopkins
Trey Horne*
Xavier Hoskins
Heather and William B. Howard Jr.
Lynne and Norris Howell
Sherry and Jim Hudson
Helen and Al Hughes*
Paul Hust
Patricia and Carter Hutchins
Dinah and Will Huthnance
Mary Paige and Cameron Huxford*
David Hyde
Tracie and Robert Ingraham
Melissa and Braxter Irby
Stuart M. Irby Jr.
J. P. Corp General Contractors
Pamela and Bob Jackson
Bob Jacobs
Abby and Ben James
Paul Janoush
Caroline and Brandon Jenkins
Elaine and William Jennings*
Lisa and Ross Jessup
Helen and Stephen Joe
Andrew Johnson
Evelyn and Jeff Johnson
Kathy and Craig Johnson*
Larry and Michael Johnson Family Foundation*
Lisa and Michael Johnson
Larry K. Johnson
Larry Leo Johnson*
Sara and Jeffrey Johnson*
Stephanie and John Johnson
Amanda and Christopher Johnston
Nina and Carey Johnston
Bethy and Walker Jones
Hallie and Cooper Jones
Janice and Gary Jones
Melissa Jones*
Shannon and Bill Jordan
Bryan M. Kane
Angela and Norman P. Katool
Debbie and David Kaufman*
Wayne Kelly Jr.*
Kathy and Larry Kerr
Virgi and Francois Khonsari
Kirk L. Kinard
Faye and Denny King
Robert King Family*
Steven King
Bob Kirk III
KLLM Transport Services, LLC
Amy and Alex Knight
Kobs & Philley PLLC
Cherry and Fred Krutz*
Marion and Byrnes Kuehnle*
Janice and Allen Lackey*
Ken Lackey
Kayla and Craig Laderoute
Tara and Lance LaFont
Lammel and Associates LLC
Pryor and Robert Lampton
Kathryn and Brady Lance
Mary Lucy and David Lane
Connie and Bryan Lantrip
Christy and Brent Larson*
Sherry and John Lavin Family
Karen and Bill Lawhorn
The Leavell Family
Gayle and John Lee*
Spencer Lee
Mitzi and Bill Linginfelter
Beth and Bob Lloyd
Sara and Ben Lloyd
Ted Lloyd
Angie and Gene Logan
Rebecca and Billy W. Long
Dalton Lott
George T. Lotterhos
Janet and Matt Lusco*


Dan Lyle Family
Lance Lynn*
Anna and Jeremy Lyons
Joel Lyons
Nathan Lyons
Nathaniel MacAdams
Marcy and Jarrett Magee
Magnolia Rental and Sales
Rhoda Maloney
Sharon and Johnny Maloney
Lulu and Steve Maness
Jennifer and Kris Mangum
Abby and Eli Manning
Ellen and Cooper Manning
Olivia and Archie Manning
Cathy and Don Martin
Kristina and John Martin
Lizzie and Christopher Martin*
Ali and David Martineau
Jerome Massey*
Brenda and David May
Marty May
Caroline and Cal Mayo
B. J. and Mark Mazurkiewicz
Virginia and Johnny McCaleb
Sydney and Jimmy McClure*
Donna and John McCommon
Mallory and Cody McCormack
Pat McCraw Family
Mike McDonald
Jan and Jimmy McElroy
Emily and Robert C. McEwan III
Lee and Mike McGartland
Ashley and Rory McKean*
John McKinney
Brenda and Eugene McLaurin*
Lori and Carroll McLeod*
Lyn and David McMillin
Jill and Nick McMullen
Whitney and Clay McNutt
Leigh McPherson
Renee and Johnny McRight
Cory and John McWhorter*
Cindy and Curtis Meade*
Marie Melichar*
Susan and Tom Meredith
Bonnie and Matt Meshad
Gail and Teddy Millette*
Martin Millette
Shanna and Doug Minor*
Susan and Guy Mitchell
Veronica and Steve Molpus
Pat and Jody Monsour
Dennis Moore
Karen and Bruce Moore
Laura and Dan Moore*
Lucy and Guy Moore
Melanie and Hal Moore*
Elizabeth Mills More and Friends Honoring Mike S. Mills*
Betty and Terry Morgan
Chris Morgan
Diane and G. Morgan
Rene and Ed Morgan*
Margaret and Sam Morse*
Lesley and Rush Mosby
Belinda and Fred Mothershed*
Rachelle and Christopher N. Mouron
Allison and Jack Muirhead
Melissa and Robert Murphree*
Ronald Musgrove
Michael D. Nabors
Heather and Mike Nabors
Jane Kerr and Bob Nance*
Nancy and Randy Nance*
Beverley and Skip Neale*
Nancy and Ray Neilsen*
Jan and John Nelson
Nick Newcomb
Helen and John Newman*
Andrew Neyland
Melissa and Nash Neyland*
Bonnie and Steve Nichols
Ron M. Nichols*
Doug C. Noble*
Laurie and Richard Noble*
Holley and Don Noblitt
Becky and Billy Nowell
Kristie and David Nutt
Gayle and Eddy Odom
John F. and John Reed Odom
Cheryl and Wayne C. Oglesby
Julia and Rush O’Keefe
Andrea and Steve Oliver*
Origin Bank
Nancy and Ronald Ormand*
Kimberly and Norman Orr
Jake and John Ott
Helen Overstreet
Oxford Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine*
Leslie and Lew Palumbo
Rose and Henry Paris
Angela and Mike Park
Roger Parkes
Jacque Passino
Adam Patrick*
Cindy and Chris Patton*
Jennifer and Abb Payne III
Edward P. Peacock III and Robbie P. Carmichael
Tread Pearson*
Wanda and Kenny Peavey*
Pat Peck Family
Rachel and Larry Peeples
Ann and Brett Person*
Cory and Todd Phillips
Greg Philyaw
Donna and Wayne Pierce
Tamra and Bradley Pierce
Ashley and Crymes Pittman*
Jennifer and Ray Poole
Trey Poppenheimer
Lynn and Pepper Pounds
Brenda and Kirkham Povall
Kelly and Jonathan Powers
Debbie and Andy Prefontaine
Cindy and Nat Prestage
Stephanie and Robin Punches*
Crystal and Neil Quinton
Wanda and Daniel Quon
Rick Raanes
Ashley and Jeff Raborn
John Raulston
Lois and Bill Rayburn
Shelly and Tommy Rayburn*
Jenny and Bradley Rayner
Mary Sharp and Jim Rayner
Whitney Rayner and Kip Crawford
Regions Bank*
Lindsay Reid
Lindsey and Will Renovich
Shelley and Scott Ririe
Jenny and Karl Ritter
Jodi and Claude Rives
Michael Robbins
Ann Chancellor and Rowland Roberson
Roberts Company Inc.
Donna Ruth Roberts
Forrest Roberts
Joanna and Joe Roberts*
Trinity and Brad Roberts
Wilson Roberts*
Angela and James Robinson
Patti and Jeffrey Rodriguez*
Jeff Rogers*
Rolling Meadows LP*
Alison, Andrew, Darcy and Peter Ross
Steve Rowell
Charles B. Royals
Shannon and Tim Rutledge
Melissa and Matt Saenger
Lisa and Brother Sandifer
Craig Sartin
Suzie and Robert Sawyer
Courtney and Frederick C. Schaeffer Jr.
Ashley and Dustin Schultz*
Stephanie and C. Christopher Scott
Jody and Pick Scruggs*
Jennifer and David Segrest*
Cindy and Bob Seibels
Faith and Emmet Seibels
Mary Katherine and Ryan Seibels
Virginia and William Seibels
J. Douglas Self Jr.
Heather and Ryan Senter
Lori and Keith Shelly
Michael Shemper
Haley and Brandon Sherman
Lisa and Steve Sherrill*
Anne and Steve Shirley*
Stacy and Guy Shoaf
Carolyn and Bill Simmons
Doug Simmons
Curtis Simon
Rene and Michael Simon
Ann and Glynne “Sprout” Simpson
Bree and Brent Skinner
Katherine and Adam Slater
Amira and Tony Smith
Deborah Smith
Laura and Brent Smith


Merrill and Lem O. Smith IV
Shepard Smith*
Terre and Orma Smith
Tracey and Tim Smith
Haymes Snedeker
Kerry and Matt Snyder
Patricia and Ronald A. Solberg
Southern Architectural Sales*
Joelle and Ricky Speed
Buddy Spencer*
Monty Spencer*
Ivan Spinner Family
Kelly and Clayton Sporich
Lisa and Court Stalcup
Carol and Robert Stearns
J. Stern*
Deborah and James Stewart*
Ben Still
Stribling Equipment*
Will Stroud
Ellis Stubbs
Cheryl and Billy Sudduth
John David Sullivan
Barbara and Jeff Summers*
Christy and Milton Sundbeck*
Lynn and Carl Swafford*
Molissa and Walker Swaney
Walker J. Swaney Jr.
Sweebe Family Holding Company
Mike Sweet Family
Robyn and Rhea Tannehill*
Molly and Griffin Tanner
Thomas W. Tardy III*
Blake Tart III*
Robert Tatum Family
Rob Tayloe
Charlotte and Jeremy Taylor
Amy and Denny Terrell
Suzan and Tommy Thames
Lee Ann and Calvin Thigpen
Charlie Thomas
Linda and J. Dewayne Thomas
R. Lon Thomas
Susan and Sanford Thomas
Debbie and Gary Thrash*
Becky and John Tolan
Beth and Dennis Tosh
Mandi and Denny Tosh
Jan and Andrew Townes*
Amanda and Todd Tracy
Dana and David Traxler
Trehern Charitable Foundation*
Sally and Wettlin Treppendahl*
Susan and Chip Triplett
Janie and Dan Tucker
Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy
Pam and Jon Turner
Janet and Thomas L. Turpin Jr.
Jeff Ullrich Family
UM Alumni Association
University Florist
Helen and Lee Valentine
Barrie and W. Clifton Van Cleave
Mollie and Billy Van Devender
Vicky and Buddy Vance*
Vasilyev Family
Stan Viner
Jason Voyles Family
Raybun Waddell Family
Wade Incorporated
Donna Dukes Wade
Braxton Walcott
Virginia and Winn Walcott*
Christie and George Walker
Mark D. Wall
Lynn and Stacey Wall
Mary and John Wall*
Carol and Richard Waller
Christy and Wesley Walls
Deborah and Mark Walton*
Cindy and Jim Wamble
JoAnn and Robert Ward
Rhondalynne and Bruce Ware
Mary Ellen and Bob Warner Jr.
James Warrington*
Elizabeth and Joseph Washburne
Polly and W.G. Watkins
Richard Watkins*
Sue and Wendell Weakley*
Faye and Bobby Weatherly
Amy and Bob Weaver*
Nicholas Weaver
Loraine and Scott Wegmann*
Ann and Joe Weller*
Debbie and Garnett West*
Tal West*
Allison and Guy White
Elsie and Dick White*
Judith Current and Jackson White
Lara and George White*
Lori and Butch White*
Mary and Charles White
Pam and Neel White*
Lewis D. Whitley
Marjorie and Beau Whittington
Mitzi and Lynn Whittington
Blake Wiedman
Jane and Jim Wilbourn
Linda and Cal Wilkins*
Gabrielle and Robert Wilkinson
Amy and Allen Williams*
Jane Claire and Nason Williams
Julia and Oliver Williams
Kathryn and Richard Williams*
Lacy Williams*
Kim and Greg Williams
Nancy and Kit Williams
Sandra and Roy Williams*
Amy and C. Donovan Williamson
Linda and Buddy Williamson*
Pam Wilson
Carol and William Windham
Jennifer and Richard Taylor Winn
Jacob Winscott
Sharon and Bobby Wofford
Marsha and Brent Wood
Jeff Wright
Tanya and Archie Wright
Ben Yarbrough*
Karen and Max Yates
William G. Yates III
Charlotte and John York
Nan and Bennett V. York
Holly and Tice Young
Linda and Richard Young
Sharon and Charles “Smokey” Young
William “Billy” Young
Rhonda and Ralf Zapata

This list includes eleven anonymous donors.

Estate Gifts:

Estate of J.L. Bonner
Estate of Kenneth Henry
Estate of M.C. Herrington

In Memoriam:

Richard Atkins
Mark J. Chaney Sr.
John C. Dallosta, Jr. by Dana Dallosta Horner
Charles M. Dunagin Jr.
Clyde Edwards
Roger Friou
Hardy P. Graham
O. T. Gaines
C.D. Galey
Frances Haik
Ralph Hines
Lucy Janoush
John Keeton
Eddie Maloney
Sudie and James Oliver Manning
Thomas J. Mattingly
A. William May
Tommy Peters
Fred Rogers
Jimmy Wilson

*We give thanks to those donors who have given to the Vaught Society in previous years!

11th MS LLC
Bill and Joan Abington
Jim Barksdale
Bradford Barry
Jimmy Creekmore
William Liston
Hu Meena
Charles Morris
Richard Schwartz
Stewart Rutledge
Andrew Wilbourn