Vaught Society History

History of the Vaught Society

The Vaught Society was started in 2005 as an exclusive group of donors that had contributed over $350,000 in their lifetime to Ole Miss Athletics. These generous individuals have most certainly built the foundation that we are so proud to stand on today and we are eternally grateful for their support.

Since then, the Vaught Society has been restructured in an effort to be much more inclusive and allow for more donors to invest in the future of Ole Miss Athletics. Since its reintroduction to the public in December 2009, the Vaught Society has increased its membership from 27 to over 422 members and has generated over $80 million in philanthropic support for Ole Miss Athletics. Proceeds were initially directed toward a number of facility initiatives. Currently, all pledges to the Vaught Society are being directed towards the Forward Together Campaign. The Vaught Society has been responsible for over $80 million in support of the campaign. 


Coach John Vaught

Coach John Vaught is one of the most recognizable names in the history of college football due to the extraordinary level of success he enjoyed while at Ole Miss. During his tenure, the Rebels experienced heights never before seen in the history of the program. As such, the Vaught Society carries his namesake.