Donor Education

The University of Mississippi enjoys a rich tradition of academic and athletic
achievement. This commitment at the highest level has been possible as the
result of the vision of our coaches, student-athletes, staff, administrators,
fans and friends to achieve competitive excellence with integrity. Our
steadfast purpose of integrity requires a commitment to compliance with all
University, SEC and NCAA rules.

In helping the Ole Miss Athletics Department maintain its commitment
to excellence, we ask your assistance in continuing to build a compliance

A representative of athletic interests, or a “booster”, is defined as anyone
who has made a financial contribution to the Ole Miss Athletics Department,
participated in or are a member of a group that supports Ole Miss Athletics,
assisted in promotion of Ole Miss Athletics, or assisted a student-athlete in
finding employment.

Being an Ole Miss booster is a status that you will retain indefinitely. Thus,
the NCAA rules will always apply to you.
This guide is created to provide basic information on pertinent rules and
regulations set forth by the SEC and NCAA. We appreciate your cooperation in
adhering to these rules, and for your continued support.