Priority Points

The priority point system for the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation recognizes and rewards those donors who have committed to the long term success of Ole Miss Athletics. Priority points are accumulated through the following:

  • 1 point for every $100 donated to the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation.
  • 1 point for every season ticket (up to 10 per year) since 1996 for football, men’s and women’s basketball, and baseball.

Your priority point ranking determines your seat & parking selection time for football, basketball, and baseball. Priority point rankings are also used to allocate post-season tickets and football away game tickets. Priority and availability determines if and where you get a parking pass. For example, for the 2016 football season, the cut-off to receive a parking pass was 16 points. For more information about your priority ranking, please contact the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation at 662-915-7159.

Priority points are not transferable because they are a measure of past support of Ole Miss Athletics by an individual.


The following is a breakdown of Ole Miss Athletics Foundation donors and their priority point totals (as of December 12, 2017).

Donor Rank Total Points
#100 4,580.2
#250 2,500
#500 1,610.3
#1,000 980.2
#2,500 388.8
#5,000 153
#10,000 43
#12,500 25